How does it work?

Here is a WIKI library of summaries. What does it mean?

  1. Everyone can offer video material to create a summary. At the moment we are trying to work only with video on YouTube video.
  2. Everyone can create a resume, and we will post it if it is good.
  3. You can change the published summary if someone knows how to do it better.
  4. At the moment the service is under development. Please give us a link to an interesting video and we will start charging donations.
  5. All donators will get a link to the summary after publishing.
  6. We do not receive a fee from your donations.
  7. You can pay two ways PayPal, or you can charge your account through PayPal.
  8. If the material does not reach the goal – all donations will be refunded.

Please switch to another language to get all summaries in all languages.

We can decline your summary it does not fit our terms of quality. Do not worry, we will help you to make it better.

If you know how to make our service better – please do not keep silence! Please, write us in contact form.

Requirements to the summary:

  • Highlite main thoughts.
  • Put the necessary pictures, graphs, Print Screens from the video.
  • Use links to the original video with the time reference.
  • Do not put your own thoughts in the summary. You can do it in the comments below.
  • If it is possible we will try to get the confirmation the quality of the summary from the speaker.

Please, help us to create a wiki-library with the summaries of the most interest nonfiction videos.

You can:

  • share the links with most interesting lectures, webinars, conferences
  • tell your friends about this project
  • donate to create a resume
  • You can follow us on Facebook